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The IPTAY Tiger Cub Club was created in 1993 to give Clemson fans agesinfant to 18 years old an opportunity to support Clemson Athletics. As Clemson prepares for another great spring season, they could not strive to be the best at every sport without the support of fans of all ages! As a Tiger Cub, not only are the Clemson Athletic teams benefiting, but there are also some great benefits!

Every year the Tiger Cub is a member they get a new gift package broken down by birthday to make the gift package age appropriate. They receive an invitation to the Tiger Cub Birthday Party held during football season, a celebration of Tiger Cub Day at specified men’s and women’s basketball games, and discounted admission to selected football and men’s basketball games. They can also get free tickets to select baseball and soccer games, and free admission to all women’s basketball games. For special accomplishments, Tiger Cubs have to opportunity for a summer reading club t-shirt if they read at least three books and recognition during basketball if they get all A’s or E’s on their report card.

The Tiger Cub Club is a great way for donors to build their IPTAY Priority Points. For each year that they are a Tiger Cub, they will receive one priority point towards their IPTAY account. The priority points that they build up will transfer to their adult IPTAY membership. The two types of Tiger Cub memberships are a Sustaining Cub and an Annual Cub Club member. A Sustaining Cub is a donation of $500 and the cub is a member from the date they sign up until they are 18 years old. An Annual Cub member is a donation of $30 and the cub is a member for one IPTAY calendar year. If you are interested in signing up a Tiger Cub, you can stop by the IPTAY office, go to or call the office at 864-656-2115.

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